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6th ININ Training Workshop Presentations

INTAS thanks all the speakers for their participation and valuable presentations that we publish here as both PDF and PowerPoint documents. To view them, you therefore need the latest version of  ACROBAT READER, which can be downloaded here

Presentations by speakers of the European Commission


Statments by Official Contact Persons

Kyrgyzstan by Mr. Tynymbek Ormonbekov (Link to PDF)

by Dr. Mihail Iovu (Link to PDF)

Russia by Mr. Evgeny Ugrinovic (Link to PDF)

INTAS FP6 National Information Points


Presentations by INTAS Continuing Advisors

ININ Continuing Advice - Caucasus by Epaminondas Christophilopoulos (Link to PDF)

ININ Training Workshop by Karin Hjorth Rybbe (Link to PDF)

INTAS NIP Continuing Advice: RUSSIA by Mr. Ralf Koenig (Link to PDF)

Presentations on other topics of interest to NIS Scientists

S&T Cooperation in the Black Sea Region by Mr. D. Filippidis (Link to PDF)

German National Contact Point for Materials by Dr. Birgit Scheibner (Link to PDF)

The Belgian NCP Network by Mr. Jean Moulin (Link to PDF)

The EUREKA Initiative by Mr. Svatopluk Halada (Link to PDF)

The Dutch National Contact Point Organisation by Mr. Koos de Korte (Link to PDF)

INTAS-IGLO Cooperation 29 November 2006 by Mr. Catriona Ward and Bojan Tercon (Link to PDF)

Presentation by INTAS

ININ Results, achievements & recommendations by Ms. Tatiana Runge (Link to PDF)